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The Social opened August 2014. We love the town of Victoria. We have been welcomed for almost 16 years now at the School of the Wise. When we heard there would be space available to do something like this we were super exited to be able to expand on what we already do at the school. Not only can we provide another setting for families to gather and enjoy a summer tradition and create memories for generations to come but we are now able to employ groups of people that we could not in the past, be it younger kids (15-17 that cannot work around liquor ect) or people that are just looking for something to do outside the house while there kids are at school.


The name "the social" just reminded us of being a kid and going to ice cream socials at school and it just seemed to fit and feel appropriate.


The decor and feel of the space was a culmination of a few people we were looking for the feel of a classic ice cream parlor with a modern twist. The people that helped us accomplish that are a gentleman named Tom Riddle a Victoria resident who designed the logo, wall art, awning and anything to do with branding us. And a gentleman named Dan Wellens with county tables and furniture out of Carver, MN. for building our front counter. We cannot thank these two enough for all of there help!


Brandon and  I moved from Carver to Victoria. We cannot tell you how great it is being residents of Victoria. Great neighbors, parks, retail businesses and amenities and so close to work now! Only thing missing is a grocery store!

Right now we offer 32 flavors. We will be keeping the staple few flavors and rotating a dozen or so flavors weekly so there is always something new to try.


Brandon has a tendency to like the more classic flavor such as butter pecan and after dinner mint. Ashley likes the chocolate peanut butter ecstasy, Madison our three year old loves just plain chocolate, and Taylor our 1 year olds favorite is superman. The flavors we go through the most is Carmel collision, chocolate peanut butter, cookies and cream and chocolate chip cookie dough.



Ashley & Brandon Wallis

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